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Hello Super Man, where are you flying now? I am waiting here. Let us fly together. Hello Donald Duck, where are you living these days? I need your advice on the hot & long pending issues of the world. Come on guys, Let us all work together for peace, security and education of the world. – (Home)

Actually, I am a common man and spending a simple life, may be same like you.  My idea or thought behind making this special kind of platform is to bring the common man on that platform where he can express his opinion freely on hot issues of the world. One can visit my art gallery also and can read my messages and informative articles in other sections of this platform, which will further help in becoming a better member of society. I think common man can actively participate here for maintaining & improving the peace and security of the world.

“Overall public and world opinion is important also”

This is not a political platform and here we are not supporting or discouraging any political party belonging to any region or country of the world. With the passage of time, here we will observe “matching / conflicting” public opinions on various hot issues. This is not necessary that policy makers of different countries make policies by following different public opinions. But at the same time local / foreign public opinions have an importance which cannot be neglected also. May be the policy makers of various countries cannot make the policies by following the public opinions of their own / different countries people, but they can somehow review their policies, and possibly can take better steps also. I hope policy makers of different countries will get some kind of “trend / information” from this platform in coming future, which can further help them in making good policies.

“Common man is a common power of all the nations”

Common man want peace & prosperity, education, work & all life necessities. Respect of common man is a respect of all the nations. Common man can be happy in any society if wealthy businessman consider a society his family and accept a common man as his family member. By acceptable common change, a common society can become a “Good Common Family” also. This is possible when we all accept that the most precious thing common in all the human beings is “Heart”. When heart beats it gives life to you but actually the “Beat of Heart” is for the “Betterment of Society”. If we all understand the reality and follow the same way of living in society then one day (after very short period of time) the overall society will become / appear as “Good Common Family”. Actually, economically helping and cooperating society will emerge finally by following good life spending concept & by adopting overall positive change. – (Home)


      “Society can become a Good Common Family also”

The most important thing is, we don’t need any change in current economic systems for making “Good Common Families”. The system can be any, it can be capitalist or socialist according to the country’s environment. New parallel helping economic system can be designed also which can positively impact the people of any country and its overall economic system. The administration & overall society can make parallel procedures (based on overall contribution according to the wealth of people and by associating / connecting rich families with poor families for specific period of time) in any economic system for making “Good Common Families”. Practically implementing this kind of concept will serve as “economic assistant” because this will finally boost / uplift any economic system. I think “Good Common Families” can & will appear in all human societies, one day.

Overall society consensus is necessary for adopting any positive economic change. Any country can step towards “Good Common Family” system after specific period of time also. First properly manage everything then further think to implement according to the country’s overall environment / requirement. 

“Improve education level for better economic productivity”

My purpose of making this platform is to educate the people by providing good information. My basic question or idea behind developing this platform is “How we all can secure the world and increase its positive economic activity”? I want to bring violent people of society to that point where they become less or non violent. Black / White and different language speaking people stay / live in one society without committing crimes. Racism and Xenophobia are damaging for the existence of any society. Criminal mindset is the actual enemy of global peace and we need to address the root causes of terrorism also.

Correct decision, later discussion and appropriate handling of “Voice Power” can curtail “Gun Culture”

I think it is better to fight with voices rather than fight with guns. In case of anybody’s problem with me, I would be happy if that person fight with me by raising his voice more than my voice. But ultimately fighting is not good because it increases the blood pressure, so it is better to avoid confrontation in severe circumstances. We should try to  quit temporarily / leave the difficult scene & situation for avoiding the bad or unpredictable scenarios. We can create a cool minded dialogue afterwards for solving the actual problem. 


My sincere opinion is “Raise your voice, Live with voice, Take your right / Solve issues from your voice & finally Make Peace from voices” so that we can enter into a better world where we shall have relatively less weapons and ammunition. – (Home)

“Articles, Hot Topics, News, Voice Messages ( Text Format ) & Pic Views”

I ( & my team in future ) will be writing ARTICLES on multiple subjects & I will try to remain impartial and unprejudiced in overall analysis when I will be writing on various world issues. I think “Honesty is the Best Policy” & this will be my Board’s policy.

It is difficult but I will try to minimize the controversies in issue based discussions of “HOT TOPICS”. Initially may be very small number of people will participate in “HOT TOPICS” discussions but I think majority will come to know what are the hot issues of world by only reading the “HOT TOPICS”. The content of “HOT TOPICS” can be based on “HOT NEWS” also & it will be ending in questioning style. Hot Topics will be short and informative in nature. You can have any opinion on the Issues & News. Your comments on any “Article / Hot Topic / Message / Pic View” will be available online after the Moderator’s Approval. I think your 2-3 lines short comment / opinion will be sufficient. 

We will also publish important news and news summary in the News Category of worldeyewatch.com

Abusive, directly hurting any Person / Community / Country / Religion & Malicious / Bad Content Messages will not get the approval. Try to reply in the same language which we are using for WEW.


I will write some good messages and life spending ideas in “READABLE VOICE MESSAGES” section.  You will read these messages in your voice and will convert the “Simple Text Messages” into the “Voice Messages” without using the Encoding / Decoding device. The first “Readable Voice Message” is here, and that is “Save Electricity”. (In this section, I will also give answers to some questions in “short article form” which the people are asking on the internet.)

I will write a blog post, and upload different paintings / pictures in the “PIC VIEWS” section, and you can comment on those paintings / pictures also. Before any comment I will say, “The Beauty lies in your Eyes.

(NOTE / WEW License:- Paintings / Pics published on worldeyewatch.com are totally free of charge. We give the permission of fair “as is” use of our Paintings / Pics. Giving Credit to the worldeyewatch.com is not necessary, although it is appreciated when possible. Our value added “Pics / Stock Photos” are basically for your “View” with “WEW Reviews”. Do not redistribute our Paintings / Pics on other Paintings / Pics platforms. Do not sell our Paintings / Pics on any other website / blog. Do not modify our Paintings / Pics.)

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Our panel will distribute some portion of the profit earned from this platform in different needy communities, we will give the priority to the poverty level only in the proportionate distribution of profit. 


From “Internal Voice” To The “Rule of Law”

Brother listen, Your actual positive internal voice is the basic guiding force which is linking you to the Creator also, and if this actual positive internal voice is ruling your material body existence then you can “Program” yourself properly. If all the people accept the “rule” of “actual positive internal voice” and practice / follow its basic guiding principles then crime will come to its minimum level. A time will come when all the people will work and will try to help the destitute and deprived communities by considering the harsh realities of life. Growth rate of the world can & will also reach to its highest point. This will finally result in the “Rule of Law”. By following actual positive internal voice we can also  improve the overall “Law & Order” situation in different countries. – (Home)

Brother, Consider draconian rules for the devil present in any society. As a Common Man carefully craft yourself for all the Canons, then taste & feel the difference and further share your experience with the others. You will become the real Super Man of real world. Donald Duck advised me the same from its cartoon film.

Friends, Nice to meet all of you. Will see all of you in various sections of this web platform.

(By: Jawad Syed)



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