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My purpose of this project is to promote Education & Art, Peace & Prosperity everywhere in the world. “Education” is precious possession of any person. “Art” represent classical and natural beauty of the overall world. “Peace” is a pulse of the world and “Prosperity” indicates genuine wealth power of public and it is further linked with the happiness also. – (World Eye Watch)

My name is Jawad Syed ( J.S ), and I am the founder of ( ). I am operating WEW team. I hope you will admire the Content and  Services which we are currently offering. We will invite some more columnists & artists to join our team in the coming time. We will provide more services in future which will further improve the life quality of people. You will always receive a cordial welcome from us on this web platform. I am basically Electrical / Electronic Engineer and have good experience in MEP / Construction field by working almost a decade with one of the leading construction company in Gulf / Saudi Arabia when I was there. Painting is my hobby and I have got some poetic touch naturally. 

My relatives and friends are living in almost every major country, and I will be happy, if all the countries play their constructive role, in the economic growth, peace, and prosperity of the world. 

like all the nations, because all the nationalities are actually, glorifying a global beauty. I have spent major part of my life in the Gulf region and I am proud to be Pakistani also. I am currently living in Lahore, in the same city where the sacred mausoleum of Sir Dr. Allama Iqbal is located. Pakistan is a very nice country to visit. 

What is “World Eye Watch”

“World Eye Watch” is a concept actually. This is some kind of thinking style also.

The unknown reality is, the eye of the world is watching all of us and recording our actions from the unknown location and in unknown manner, may be same like surveillance camera, but still we don’t know about the eye of the world and it’s exact location. The known reality is, we all know that we all have the eyes and we can watch our steps also, before stepping, while we all have a very limited life to live in this world.

That’s why we are supposed to take the right steps in this limited life. 

“World Eye Watch” is such kind of concept which can help us in conquering the social crimes and defeating the social disasters without using physical power, guns and ammunition

Progressive, acceptable and exquisite doctrine can eradicate the evil from this world also. I hope we will improve the education level and will achieve the global peace & prosperity, one day.

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(By: Jawad Syed)