Improving Study Skills | How one can easily become the Best Student???…

Improving Study Skills | How one can easily become the Best Student???…


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Students those who want to be more productive in society & want to play a constructive role in a country’s overall development need to focus on their studies / education and should become good students. One can start studies at any time and can consider himself a student at any age. If your learning capability is less and you are in your 30’s or 40’s then try to acquire technical skills and do some kind of technical job. Any person can improve the life style and shift the priorities if that person really wants to adopt a positive change in life. (Improving Study Skills | How one can easily become the Best Student???…)

“Education Plays an Important Role in achieving the Life Goals”

Best Student

If you are a student and you are still very young, you are going to some school / college, and thinking that how to become a good student? This is good thinking actually, for becoming a good student, first of all, make a good “Time Table” of your daily routine works. You have to give minimum 2 Hours Daily to complete your school / college assignments. You can adjust this time before or after your sports activities, but it is better that adjust your “Study Time” after your daily sports. Because sports activities have a positive impact on any person & sports help in improving the cognitive process of the brain. So, sports are also very important for becoming a good student. Otherwise, you will become fat and can easily come in any kind of an inferiority complex, which will further affect your studies also.

“Properly Focus on Studies And Take Interest in Different Subjects”

If you want to improve your learning capabilities then first properly focus on studies and try to develop your interest in different subjects. If you properly focus your studies, then interest in different subjects will automatically develop. When any subject becomes interesting for you, then it will become easy for you to memorize that subject. That’s why Respectable Teachers say “Take interest in the subjects”. So, develop your interest in the subjects, this will further help you in developing a deep concentration in different subjects. Best students deeply concentrate on different topics / subjects.


For memorizing any topic / article permanently, repeat that topic / article in your mind with some intervals. This is not necessary that you keep book / copy with you all the time for memorizing any subject permanently. You try to activate your brain and try to remember / recall that topic which you have memorized previously. Repeat the topics / articles in your brain after some time and days & try to follow this routine. By following this, you can permanently memorize any subject. – (Improving Study Skills and Best Student Qualities)

“Try to concentrate deeply when you are learning the subjects at an initial level”

“This will help you in memorizing the subject permanently”

Make habit of self-testing after learning / memorizing any topic / article. Try to write a complete topic or key points on some paper, by this way you can judge yourself, and you can further improve the topic by repeating it once more. Always try to become best student and never under estimate yourself. Any student can have lapses, but good students finally overcome the lapses. 

“Weak Students can also become the Best Students”

Overcome your weaknesses intelligently and become good in your studies first, you will be the best student, one day. Respect the Teachers and never miss the class. Follow the rules of your school / college because best students never break the rules. Complete the studies / Pass the Examination on time because best students never wait for the next session. Best students never waste their time, and this is a best quality of best students. Best students are always on time, and you will find them sitting on the front seats. 


“Practice makes a man perfect”, following this “Rule” is necessary for Mathematics / Physics / Engineering & Medical students. Write / implement the formulas and solve the equations happily, if you are a Mathematics / Physics / Engineering student. Think that you are completing a Video Game Mission. So, enjoy implementing the formulas & solving the equations. 

Focus on your health, and try to remain active when you are in the classroom. Follow the “Time Table”, sleep on time, and wake up on time, actually these are also the best student qualities

“Early to bedearly to rise, makes a man healthywealthy, and wise”

“Don’t take false sick leaves & try to make 100% attendance” 

“One Cannot Explain the Feeling of 100% Attendance & 100% Pass Marks”

Try to avoid the company of bad students, because this will affect your performance. If you consider a bad student “A bad Person”, then you can easily become a “Good Student”. Take half an hour break from studies after eating lunch / dinner. Never waste your time and adopt a healthy routine during the exams. The “Time Table” of exams should be different from your regular “Time Table”. Remain target oriented during the exams so that you can score well and finally get the best result. Take proper sleep during the exams ; this is necessary for the proper brain functioning.


Actually specific amount of “Glucose” is required for memorizing any subject, which the body / brain is getting after the  breakfast / lunch / dinner. Some Doctors say, use of “almonds and fish” improves the mental health power. Eat hygienic food and use “almonds and fish” if you need extra mental health power. Fruits are also necessary for maintaining good health. But for becoming a best student, you have to take interest in your studies. If you move in the right direction, then you will get a good result, one day.

(Improving Study Skills | How one can easily become the Best Student???…)

(By: Jawad Syed) 


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