World News Special | Top News Summary – 12/JUN/2019 | Quick View

World News Special | Top News Summary – 12/JUN/2019 | Quick View

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World News Special # 1

PM Pakistan Imran Khan said that New Pakistan will be based on the principles and it will reflect “Riyasat-i-Madina”. In his address to the Pakistani nation, he said that Pakistan is now on the right track. He made his speech on television, after the annual budget announcement. He told Pakistani nation that how previous governments looted the country in the past ten years. He further said that he will constitute high-powered enquiry commission which will investigate how the previous governments accumulated so much debt in the past ten years. In his speech, he also mentioned the recent high profile arrests in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan said that the free judiciary is a sign of “New Pakistan”.

World News Special # 2

India and some major countries supported Israel in the UN, and the Lebanon based Palestinian human rights group “Shahed” couldn’t get the UN observer status. Israel considers Shahed a terrorist organization, and therefore, Israel initiated resolution in the UN body for rejecting the request of Shahed which was trying to obtain the status of an observer in the UN. 28 countries, including US, UK, Germany, and France, voted in the favor of the resolution, and the 14 countries, including China, Pakistan, Russia, and Egypt, opposed the resolution. Israeli official Maya Kadosh also thanked India on Tuesday in his tweet for supporting the Israel in the UN.

World News Special # 3

MQM founder Altaf Hussain arrested in London by Scotland Yard. Counter Terrorism Department asked certain questions from him, but he only replied for his name, address, and date of birth. He kept silence during the major interrogation. Altaf Hussain has been released on bail now.

World News Special # 4

Indian authorities confirmed that they have found the wreckage of missing AN – 32 Plane. IAF and its ground teams are still searching the 13 passengers who were on-board.

World News Special # 5

In Hong Kong, Demonstrators are protesting on controversial extradition bill, and the local Police are trying to control the violent situation. Police used tear gas on protesters near Hong Kong’s Legislative Council for controlling the extraordinary situation. 20 people are injured in clashes. Protesters have concerns over their trial in China, which the people may face according to the new bill.

World News Special # 6

In Anantnag district Kashmir, 5 CRPF personnel killed and 4 seriously injured in an attack conducted by Kashmiri fighting group. One Kashmiri fighter also killed when CRPF responded with the gun fire.

World News Special # 7

PM United Kingdom Theresa May vows, “UK will cut net green emissions to zero by 2050”. She said “Britain must lead the world to a cleaner, greener form of growth”. Britain will achieve this target by improving the existing climate change laws. According to the UK’s advisory body on climate change, UK can achieve this target, and for that UK will have to produce more electric cars, and low carbon electricity production will be required also for achieving this target. Some other EU countries are also trying to control the carbon emissions, but still no one made any proper law. Environmentalists welcomed the decision of UK government.

World News Special # 8

Venezuela authorities said that 17 people have been arrested and charged over anti Maduro “coup”.

World News Special # 9

In Sudan, protesters have abandoned the strike plan, and agree to resume talks with military. Sudanese military killed dozens of violent protesters in recent crackdown. Eight days after the military crackdown, protest leaders are now showing their willingness to resume power sharing talks.

World News Special # 10

Australia defeated Pakistan by 41 runs in a very exciting cricket world cup match.

World News Special # 11

India finally decided that Indian PM Narendra Modi will not use Pakistani airspace for travelling to Bishkek where he will attend SCO summit. India will use the airspace of Iran, Oman, and Central Asian countries for this purpose.

World News Special # 12

In USA, house panel passed a bill to authorize additional funding for 9/11 victims compensation fund until 2090. Comedian Jon Stewart’s emotional plea played an important role in passing the bill.  

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