World News Special | Top News Summary – 14/JUN/2019 | Quick View

World News Special | Top News Summary – 14/JUN/2019 | Quick View

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World News Special # 1

Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump said that he would receive foreign help in 2020 Election campaign without informing the FBI. But on Friday he told in Fox & Friends interview that he will absolutely report such thing. President Trump has faced investigation on receiving the campaign help from Russia in the previous US elections.

World News Special # 2

US President Donald Trump issued warning to Tehran against closing the Hormuz Strait in the gulf region. According to him, Iran was behind the Thursday’s oil tankers attacks.

World News Special # 3

On Thursday, the US government returned 200 migrants to Mexico through the crossing of Texas border. The asylum seekers will wait in Mexico until their US court hearings.

World News Special # 4

According to the senior US diplomat for Africa, the distrust between the ruling military council and opposition is the main reason for political chaos in Sudan, and that’s why foreign mediation is necessary.

World News Special # 5

In Pakistan, PPP Leader Faryal Talpur has been arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the money laundering case. Chairman NAB declared Faryal Talpur’s residence as sub-jail and therefore she will not be shifted to the headquarters of NAB. Faryal Talpur is a sister of former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. Earlier this month, NAB arrested Asif Ali Zardari also in the money laundering case.

World News Special # 6

On Friday, Maoist rebels killed 5 policemen in Jharkhand State, India. The attackers also looted the arms of policemen.

World News Special # 7

India stopped Sikh Pilgrims to visit Pakistan at Attari railway station. The Sikh Pilgrims were on their way to attend death anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

World News Special # 8

In Switzerland women went on strike for equal pay. They were raising their voice against gender discrimination and wage gaps in the wealthy alpine nations.

World News Special # 9

WHO decided recently that it will not declare Ebola international emergency over Congo’s Ebola outbreak, while this week Ebola has spread to Uganda also. According to WHO, this kind of declaration will be harmful to the Congo’s economy, because people of Congo will ultimately suffer from “travel and trade” restrictions.

World News Special # 10

6 (parentless) children of Islamic State members were taken back by Belgium authorities on Friday.

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