World News Special | Top News Summary – 15/JUN/2019 | Quick View

World News Special | Top News Summary – 15/JUN/2019 | Quick View

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World News Special # 1

Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam suspended the controversial extradition bill after feeling extreme pressure from the civil society. Earlier she was not willing to make any deal with the protesters. According to the extradition bill, people could face trial in China in certain situations. On Saturday Carrie Lam declared that the bill had been postponed indefinitely, she regretted and accepted that there were deficiencies in their work for preparing the bill and this created dispute in the society.

World News Special # 2

Yemeni Houthis attacked Jizan and Abha airports by using their drones. In response, the Saudi-led Arab coalition targeted Houthi sites in Sanaa (Yemen). According to the Human Rights Watch, the Houthis attack on Abha airport is an “apparent war crime”.

World News Special # 3

According to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, positive signals from the signatories of nuclear pact can save the nuclear deal, and Iran cannot stick to this agreement unilaterally. He was attending the conference in Tajikistan when he told this to other Asian leaders. Russian and Chinese leaders were also present at the conference.

World News Special # 4

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Chinese President Xi Jinping on his 66th birthday on the sidelines of 5th CICA summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. In a hotel Putin gave birthday gifts, cake and Russian ice cream to Xi, Chinese President Xi thanked Russian President Putin and in return sent Chinese Leaf Tea to Russian President Putin.

World News Special # 5

Pakistan will get 3.4 Billion Dollars from Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a budgetary aid. Below are the recent tweets from Pakistan’s Finance Adviser, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

ADB to give $3.4 billion in (#)budgetary support. I had a meeting with Mr. Werner Liepach, DG ADB today to agree on the (#)ADB program. The ADB will provide $3.4 billion in budgetary support to help with (#)reforms and stabilization of the (#)economy.

6:39 AM – 15 Jun 2019

$2.2 billion will be released this fiscal year, starting in the first quarter of FY 2019-20. This will help the reserve position and the (#)external account.

6:39 AM – 15 Jun 2019

This support is in addition to the project portfolio with an estimated disbursement of upto $1 billion in FY 2019-20. I appreciate the commitment of the ADB to our (#)economic reform agenda.

6:39 AM – 15 Jun 2019

World News Special # 6

India decided to impose higher customs duty on Twenty Eight US products from today. India did this in response to higher tariffs imposed by the US on Indian steel and aluminum.

World News Special # 7

US is changing its cyber strategy for Russia and now adopting offensive strategy “tit for tat policy”. According to the US officials, US is now placing malware (virus) in Russia’s Power Grid system. This US move is a warning for Russia, and this is for containing Russia also.

World News Special # 8

New Zealand has issued the Tsunami warning. The earth quake of 7.4 magnitude struck (Time: 2255 GMT Saturday) near Kermadec islands, northeast of New Zealand. Different authorities of New Zealand are monitoring the sea waves and overall situation.

World News Special # 9

UN Secretary General Antonio has called on EU to aim for a 55 % cut in carbon emissions by 2030, while currently, the set target is 40%. According to him, this is necessary for climate, and for future generations.

World News Special # 10

Currently, Huawei Company is not bringing its new smart phone model in the market and has decided to delay the launch date of fold-able 5G Mate X mobile. Huawei can launch its latest phone after 3 months. Huawei is facing problems these days because of US sanctions.

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