Terrorism Threat | Life Insurance is #Necessary

Terrorism Threat | Life Insurance is #Necessary

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Terrorism, and arresting the most wanted terrorists is a big challenge for the law enforcement agencies. Terrorism is the biggest threat for the peaceful world. Counter terrorism departments are working and cooperating with each other in different countries. (Here, we are discussing about the terrorism then why the “Life Insurance” is in the heading of this article? This is because Life Insurance will secure your family, and your future also, in case you become the next victim, unluckily. “May the Almighty Creator protect you from any bad event”.)

We see the victims of terrorism almost everyday on our television screens. There is a big list of these victims, and they are not with us now. Terrorism has affected the whole world. Actually, innocents are dying everyday, because Satan is winning, and creating the hindrance in solving the pending issues. Terrorism has affected America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and now recent victims belong to New Zealand & Sri Lanka.

What do you think, how we can avoid these terrorist attacks? What are the root causes of terrorism? How to control terrorism in different countries? Who is terrorist, and why he has become a terrorist? Why different terrorist organizations are operating in different countries? Why different countries are still fighting with the small number of terrorists? Is there any good or a bad terrorist? Is poverty behind terrorism? Who is behind the hate crime, and extremism? How different terrorist organizations are generating funds? Are these groups getting support from different governments? If different terrorist groups are getting support from different governments then how the problem of terrorism will be solved? And, is this terrorism a part of unconventional warfare?


Every problem has a solution, start a dialogue for solving the dispute, because all the conflicts can be resolved. Try to create constructive dialogue for solving the crucial matters.

Dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue. And, in the end, again dialogue, will provide some way for Peace. There are no good, and bad terrorists, all the terrorists are bad. Those who are supporting the brutality, are the enemies of humanity, peace, and prosperity.

As a citizen of any country, you should also focus on your health and life insurance plans. If you are getting these facilities from the local government then this is good, otherwise, you can save your money for paying the insurance. This will help you later in your life.

Unconventional Warfare is increasing the level of poverty in different countries, and generating more terrorists also. Unconventional Warfare is more dangerous than a regular war. “Weapon Control” is necessary for countering terrorism. Racism, and the Weapons Race, both are dangerous for the peaceful world.

Ban all the terrorist organizations, and stop supporting / financing all the terrorist groups also. Adopt “Give & Take” policy for implementing the Peace Process. World will become a beautiful place to live.

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