| How to End Violence? What is the actual Solution??? |

| How to End Violence? What is the actual Solution??? |

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For controlling the violence, we have to understand the human beings first. Then, we have to analyze the behavior of various human groups in different societies. This will help in developing the right models for controlling the crime / violence in different societies.

Violence / (Unlawful exercise of physical force or harassment by showing physical force) has so many types and shapes. Mass killing, terrorism, suicide bombing, bomb blasts, shooting, killing, robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, and severe harassment / intimidation are major types of violence / crime. We can see the crime scene after any criminal activity. Actually, the crime scene is an “Event”. There are pre-event and post-event also. Why any violence / criminal activity occurred? Did anybody / government authority try to stop that criminal activity? How was the crime scene managed after the criminal activity? Some violent crimes cause physical injuries and deaths, so calling ambulance and medical team “on right time” is very much necessary for avoiding deaths / casualties.

What are the reasons behind any violent activity? How we can minimize criminal activities? Is poverty the main reason behind robbery? Are drugs and alcoholic drinks also increasing violence? What is the role of mental disorders behind any criminal activity? Can we control the aggression level of coming human generations by some medical technique or by using genetic methodology? How religions can help in controlling domestic violence? How we can improve the environment for controlling crime? How new surveillance technologies can help in controlling violence? How negativity and negative thoughts are destroying some human beings, and affecting the overall crime rate in different societies? How to End Violence? What is the actual Solution?

Stop Violence


Religions can help in controlling crime if people actually follow their religions. Violence “in any shape” is prohibited in any religion. Avoid hatred, “which has become a business these days”, and accept the philosophy of “Peaceful Co-existence”. This will further improve economic growth also.

Satan, “Negative Force”, which is “also” behind any negative thinking, is the real enemy of all human beings. When to react? And, how to react? This is actually very important for all of us. I will suggest all of you, in case of anger or Severe Aggression “Stop Thinking” | “Don’t Retaliate” | “Move from that area” | “Divert your Attention” | “Don’t take bad words of any person to your heart” | And again, “Stop Thinking” until you become peaceful | Contact “Creator” silently, and the “Creator” will take your “Revenge” from that person, one day | Consider those bad words as “Mistake” of that person, and “Forgive” | Otherwise, “Avoid” that person. ( This “Algorithm / Code” can help all human beings, if implemented for Severe Aggression. )

Mental disorders also exist, so avoid the company of those people which you think are not suitable for you. Good Medical Research can also help in creating better and a less violent society.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are also increasing violence / crime. There should be proper check and balance on drugs and alcoholic drinks.

If you are poor, then don’t consider poverty as your fate, and try to search some good job. Try to learn new things. So many people are poor, but they all are not criminal. If you are living in a bad environment and spending your life with bad people, then better leave such people, because this kind of environment and people will also make you “Criminal”, one day.

Proper city planning, street lights, more presence of police, surveillance camera on all important locations, and better intelligence system can help in controlling different types of violence / crime.

“Justice delayed is justice denied”, and this helps new criminals to emerge from different parts of a country. Delay in justice also increases violence.

If you want to see “No Violence”, then try to become a better human first. If we all follow the same strategy, then this will develop a better society, and we all can live in a non violent environment.


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