TOP 17 | Motivational Quotes – Inspirational Quotes |

TOP 17 | Motivational Quotes – Inspirational Quotes |

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Life is beautiful, make it beautiful, world will become a beautiful place to live. This is possible if you shape your views properly, and view life & existence, positively.


Hope is the only thing which will keep you alive in difficult life situations. Always hope for the best, the best days of your life will start, one day.


Your hard work will pay you, a lot of money, one day, if your hard work is not paying you much money these days.


Trust your hidden capabilities, if you do so, you will defeat the failures one day, and will observe self-improvement with the passage of time.

Self Improvement

Drive the vehicle carefully, and love people’s lives, so that, you can avoid the accident. Your life was not a result of any accident, love your life also.


“Speak of the devil and devil will appear”, devil will appear, without any reason. Now “Speak of the bread and bread will appear”, No, bread will not appear because you have to work for buying the bread. Otherwise, “Devil” will appear in the form of “Poverty” and will catch you from your neck.


Love the freedom, and respect the freedom, if you want to enjoy your freedom then respect the freedom of other people first. Otherwise, your freedom will fall like a freely falling body.


Knowledge is such kind of power which one can acquire at any time, and at any age. Any state functions by following its laws, and knowledge helps in making good laws. Your knowledge is your actual power. So, educate yourself and feel the power of knowledge.

( Motivational Quotes – Inspirational Quotes )


If you want to die with the happy heart then help “needy and miserable” people by your helping hands. This habit will heal your soul also.


Respect your parents, and respect your teachers. If you are respecting your parents and teachers, then this itself is a big honor for you. Actually, you are giving extremely right people, the absolutely right position. Luck will salute you and will reward you in a very surprising style. Wish you the best of luck also.


Don’t waste time, and consume your time in any positive activity. This practice will impact your life routine very positively.


This is not necessary to take part in every discussion. Your observation and silence play important role in some matters, and make you a very important person, in some social gatherings.


The most important thing is, how much importance you are giving to different pending tasks? And how you are managing the on-hold decisions? And now, when you will complete these pending tasks? And what is your final decision?


You are present, try to live in your present state, so that you can enjoy your present life. Your past and future will become beautiful automatically.


Book yourself for the books, try this on the weekends, you will observe sudden improvement.


Eating is necessary for human, but all the time eating is not a purpose of anybody’s creation. Control the hunger first, and eat when feeling hungry, you will become very healthy by following this diet plan.


Avoid negativity, because positivity is more attractive, which also nourishes the moral power, and helps in developing the real powerful person.

( Motivational Quotes – Inspirational Quotes )


(By: Jawad Syed) 


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