( Religions | Reasoning – Science Articles ) / What is their USE?

( Religions | Reasoning – Science Articles ) / What is their USE?

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Religions | Reasoning | Science Articles

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Religions are playing important role in our life. Our beliefs also define us, and help us in our further development. Human beings learn throughout their life, and changing thoughts also affect the beliefs of human beings. Sometimes you accept something, and after some time you think “May be, I was wrong, and I need improvement”. What is right? What is wrong? How I live in this world? Who is my Creator, and how can I meet my Creator? What will happen after my death? Who will punish me for my misdeeds, and how? How will I be forgiven? Where is my soul and how can I see my soul? Is life test? How can I see the heaven and the hell? How can I watch the undiscovered world from my eyes?

We all have brain, and we all have so many questions inside our brains. We all think about Creator and creation. How we live in this world, and what will happen after this present life? Actually, our “Questions” initiate “Reasoning / Logical Thinking” and then we start searching “Reasonable Answers” for ourselves. We “Satisfy” ourselves by accepting some answers, after reading different religious books, and scientific articles. And, this “Satisfaction” helps us in accepting any “Religion”. So, Technical Reasoning, and Science Articles / Scientific Research is also behind the acceptance of any religion.

After the acceptance of any religion, human beings are further divided in different groups. And now, they are spending their lives by following different religions. Human beings are now Christians, Muslims, Secular, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and this continues, because there are so many religions now. Most important thing is, all above followers of different religions are claiming that “They are right”. Why this is happening? This is happening because they all have “Satisfied” themselves after their “Technical Reasoning / Research”, and by accepting (some kind of) “Reasonable Answers” for themselves. So, “currently”, they all are right “for themselves”. But who is actually “Right”, this only Creator knows. Pls. note that “Questions” will remain, and this “Discussion” will also continue after “Our Death”. This will happen because all the new human beings will born with “Brain”, and brain will continue “Thinking”. How thought develops? I personally think that “There are some invisible positive and negative forces also, behind the development of any thought. This kind of thinking enables me for the acceptance of my soul”. I have read various Science Articles also, and I think my opinion is scientific also.

Now, which religion is actually right? Who will finally go in the heaven? What Creator will finally do with all of us? Is “Day of Judgement” possible? What will happen on the “Day of Judgement”? Can we come back in this world after the death, in any other form? And finally, what will happen next?


You cannot understand the “Creator” by using your “Brain”. And, you cannot “Limit” the powers of “Creator” also. Anything is possible for the “Creator”, and the Creator can do anything at any time. Creator can return any soul in any form, but it totally depends upon the Creator, but the Creator never mentioned “existing / expired / gone” human beings about any “soul return policy”. Creator will remain, beyond the “Reach of Human Brain”. “Day of judgement” is very much possible for the Creator.

Scientifically, Creator exists also, because “Creation is not possible without the Creator”.

Life is a test, and Creator will deal different souls / people in different style. Who will finally qualify the heaven, still nobody knows. Don’t be selfish and brutal, because you are “Answerable for your Acts” to the Creator. You can’t see the Creator, and the Creator has never left you alone also. And again, You cannot understand the “Creator” by using your “Brain”. And again, Life is a test. Be “Kind and Polite” with the Creation.

Hell is small, but the heaven is very big. Creator can change “Heaven Policy” for any individual / group also, because “The Creator” can do “Anything”, and “The Creator” will also not mention you “Any Reason Behind Any Action”. And again, You cannot understand the “Creator” by using your “Brain”.

Above “Algorithm / Code” will help the existing / coming “Human Generations”.

Wish you the best of luck.


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