Natural Disasters ; Donate Money to the #Right People

Natural Disasters ; Donate Money to the #Right People

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* Natural Disasters *

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This is the most important world issue currently which needs proper global attention.

“Natural Disasters” are affecting different societies and countries & the local people suffer a lot after these disasters. “Climate Change” is also one of the reasons for these unexpected natural disasters. The majority of the victims of these natural disasters in the year 2018 belong to America, Indonesia and India (Kerala).


What do you think how one can avoid these natural disasters? How different World Institutions and Governments can handle these natural disasters? How Local / Foreign communities can help the victims in a better style?


WEW Opinion: Try to control the factors which are affecting the nature. Good Scientific Research is required for minimizing the Pollution. Avoid new housing schemes in such regions which are regularly suffering from the earth quakes & tsunami. People should also try to evacuate the risky regions.

If you are a good & economically stable country then always be ready to help the victim country. Forget the differences and also help the enemies, and try to create a new difference. Natural Disasters will remain merciless. World emergency handling institutions should keep an extra budget with them for the proper handling of difficult situations after these natural disasters. 

We all generally give the charity to the needy people. We believe that charity is a good thing. But here we will suggest “always donate money to the right people”. Your timing of the donation of money and the matter for which you are donating the money can create a Positive Difference also. So, always donate money to the right people.

You can save some part of the charity amount  in money-box daily. You can reserve the charity amount in your account also, so that, you will be able to help the victims from your handsome amount of charity after any natural disaster. 



Natural Disaster

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