Stock Photos – Beautiful Scenes ; #Reviews

Stock Photos – Beautiful Scenes ; #Reviews

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Walking on the wall of China and passing through the clouds, under the shelter of clouds & Dragon. While so many people have crossed this wall in the past and left behind their footprints, which you can see in the form of colors. Scene and Location, both are beautiful.

Mountain Valley

Driving on the warning line, and chasing the sun in the mountain valley, which is actually a “Mission Impossible”.


Water is necessary for life, and greenery is necessary for eyes. Preserve nature for the precious life which is currently existing on this planet earth.


These trees were green also, but with the passage of time and changing season, they lost their beauty. Their dried leaves are somewhere very close to them but they can’t feel the presence of their dried leaves. But here, moon is a symbol of hope, and moon is saying to the trees “Wait for the Spring Season and Hope for the Best”. Life is “like this”, and you all will be “Green”, once again.


Tiger cub is enjoying the winter season and playing in the snow with his father.

Fairy Land

This winter they planned to visit “Fairy Land” in a mountain valley. They are now on their way. They are travelling on a very special, fairy land’s sleigh ride.


Butterfly is sitting peacefully on flowers bunch, waiting for someone very special, may be that “Special” is appearing in the photo also.


There is a small home inside a big tree which is acting as a shelter for some small animals. Strong & Big “tree” can provide a “Shelter” as well as shadow, and this a “Good Photo” for strong and big people.


“Little” needs a little support, and can do “Big Things”. By your “Little Support”, one can cross a “River of Difficulties”, without much suffering. Your “Help” can be a “Miracle” for someone.


I think “Horses” are planning their next movement in the Jungle, and they will further guide “Horse Riders” also, because may be they all are “Lost” in the Jungle.


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( Stock Photos and #Reviews )


In this Photo, Colorful Seashore is resting in the Silence of Waves, and you are thinking very deep actually, somewhere inside the ocean.


Food is also a symbol of “Love”. Daily, You can save some part of your food before eating, for the further distribution in a needy community, which may be present around you in the form of neighbors or friends.

Coffee Cup

Sweet and very special aroma of Coffee is creating very good environment actually, and acting as a “Revitalizer”. We certain times need good coffee during our office work.

( Stock Photos and #Reviews )

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