Stock Images – Which You will Like ; #Reviews

Stock Images – Which You will Like ; #Reviews

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In above photo, the star on the glass screen is may be acting as “Glass Door Opener”. Good cooling inside and may be that’s a reason outside air is freezing, or may be someone has washed the glass screen. We can see some flowers, fruits, and may be plants also, inside the glass door. Nice photo & scene actually.


Is Mars getting closer to earth or some coconut is falling down? Any decision is up to you.

Lovely Scene

Lovely scene in the mountain valley, you will also find lovely leaf and flower inside the photo, which may be appearing because of some special rainbow, and that rainbow is may be somewhere “Outside the Photo”.


We are watching the earth from some space location. May be we are coming back from the moon. But where we will land finally? Actually, we have landed already, and now we are watching this scene on our screen, once again. Nice photo and location.


I think, we are crossing the Moon and our destination is Earth. We can’t see the Sun because earth is just hiding the sun and creating the eclipse. After watching this scene, I am also remembering the poem, “Twinkle, Twinkle little star —– How I wonder what you are —– Up above the world so high —– Like a Diamond in the sky”. 


We are tracking the fast movement of the earth, by using the satellite. We can also see the spacecrafts crossing the earth space.


Currently, you are on the seashore and observing the “Colorful” scene from ground level. In this photo, you will relax finally “Somewhere, very deep”.


We are over the trees, over the colors, and may be in the clouds. These colors are waiting in the sky, and after the winter season, they will be back, once again, and you will find all these colors playing in the below forest.


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(Stock Images and #Reviews)

Coffee Cup

Very hot, and very special cup of coffee. This is present somewhere in space, because we can see our planet earth clearly in the photo. This coffee cup is for you from


We are somewhere, in the desert. May be this is very old photo, because, I am thinking that “very first snake is making its entry” on this planet earth.

Nice Photo

Very nice photo, the appearance of the moon is changing because clouds are moving very fast, while you are on the boat also.


Why the wind is not affecting the horse? What the horse is thinking? May be the horse is spending a difficult life, and that’s a reason changing environment is not affecting the horse. May be the horse is “Very Brave”, and know how to handle the emergencies. Any decision is up to you.


Very cool photo, may be some supernatural creations and the angels are flying in the sky, which we can’t see generally from our human eye.

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